Themed Costumes Ideas for Halloween 2020

It's officially Halloween week. Do you know what you are wearing on Saturday?

I absolutely love seeing families dress up together especially as a theme. I have asked my readers to show me some of their best family costumes. I plan on adding to the list of awesome costume ideas so if you are reading this and think you have a pretty great idea, send me a picture.

Tiger King and Carol Baskin

This one would have to win the creative costume for 2020 award if there was one. If you happened to watch the drama between these two on the very popular Tiger King series, you will LOVE this family's costume idea.


Star Wars - Kylo Ren, Rey, Poe and Luke 

Here is my family in 2020. We watched all of the Star War movies with our two boys on our Saturday date night's this year and so this family costume was so appropriate for our little family.


The Sandlot

How creative is this? The sandlot is such a creative idea for costumes and fairly easy as well, especially if you are a baseball loving family.


Super Hero Theme

You can never go wrong with this theme. Avengers, super hero's, ninja turtles, DC Comics, etc. are always a big hit and costumes are so easy to find.


The Addams Family

This is for sure a classic and this family pulls it off so well.


Space Jam

Please tell me you have seen the classic Space Jam movie released in 1996? This is seriously such a cute idea.



Frozen and Frozen II are all the talk for the young ones these days and is such a great idea if you have a family of little kids. 



Such a cute for the family who loves Pikachu.


Little Red Riding Hood

This is such a cute idea if you have a little girl in the family. You could even have the real grandma and the lumber jack dad of little red riding hood be apart of the theme.


Alright now its your turn. Show me those great themed costume.

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Happy Halloween Week!

Writer Mom