The Ultimate "Social Distancing" Fall Bucket List for 2020

Autumn is only a few weeks away. Eeek!

I LOVE Autumn. It is my absolute favorite season for so many reasons. Fall décor, bonfires, clear crisp air, blankets, hoodies, boots, costumes, caramel apples, hayrides, pumpkins, etc.

As I come up on the season, I love making a bucket list of all the things I want to do with my family. I may not achieve all of things I want to do on the list but we definitely pick our favorites.

I know, I know. It is 2020 and I didn’t forget that we still have a pandemic going on. Even still – You will find there are so many things your family can still do this Autumn while keeping a safe 6ft social distance with people.


Go pick apples

Picking apples is so fun! Check out one of your local farms to see if they offer this. Your kids will love handpicking their own apples and it will be outside so it is 6ft social distancing friendly.


Make apple butter, apple sauce, apple crisp, caramel apples

I LOVE doing this. Turn those apples you handpicked into an amazing masterpiece. The aroma of apples cooking smells your house for days. While it may take a few hours of prep and work, it is so worth it once the taste testing begins. This will be such a great memory to look back on so make sure you get a picture of the apple mess in your kitchen with your kids. One of my favorite (no sugar added) apple butter recipes can be found here. 


Decorate your house for fall

I love decorating fall and I keep it very simple. Check out my blog on the best fall décor on Amazon for 2020 below:


Grab a few pillow cases, pumpkins and get your house ready for the season. I also love going to my local garden store and picking out bright, beautiful MUMS for my porch.

Read an Autumn book

We have about 15 Autumn children’s books that I pull out with my Fall décor each year. It is so fun to pick a new book to read on a cool crisp night. May I even suggest you check out my new children’s book on Amazon, “I Love You To The Pumpkins”. Don’t like pumpkins? That’s okay, the book is not just about pumpkins, it is about everything we love during Autumn. Changing leaves, bonfires, hayrides, caramel apples, picking apples, etc. 

Click on my book image below and add this keepsake to your library this Fall.


Watch a fall movie and cozy up with a blanket and warm apple cider

This is a must and is perfect for social distancing because you don’t need to leave your house. Check out my blog on my top picks for Fall movies to watch in 2020.


Take a scenic drive to see leaves changing

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where the trees change colors, go drive around and find your favorites. My family does this every year and we always take pictures by our favorite trees.IMG_20190929_201215_830jpg

Jump in a pile of leaves

I love doing this and is something I miss now that we have no trees in your yard. So, if you are lucky enough to have some trees. Go rake them up into a pile and have fun jumping in them and throwing them in the air. My kids absolutely love this.


Go to a pumpkin patch and do a corn maze

My boys love going to the pumpkin patch. The one we go to has a corn maze and a hayride to the pumpkin field. We love the experience and we always make a Saturday out of it.

Don’t feel comfortable this year going to a pumpkin patch? Pick up some pumpkins next time you go to the store and set up a little pumpkin patch in your backyard. Maybe throw in a few fun games and make a Saturday of it.20191018_221256jpg

Carve or paint a pumpkin

This is always such a fun night in my house. My boys love carving and painting pumpkins. You can get some great ideas online and even print out’s for silly pumpkin faces.


DIY Fall craft

There are so many amazing ideas on Pinterest for a do it yourself Autumn project. Pick one or two and make it happen this year. It would be perfect to do it on a rainy Saturday this Fall.

I will be releasing a blog in just a few weeks with my favorite DIY Fall Crafts. Be on the look out for it!F587591E-1F48-46C6-A8CE-B3DCC408FE7Cjpg

Get To Cooking - Make a Fall dessert, Chili or Harvest Soup

Nothing warms my heart and my tummy more than indulging in a good autumn dessert. I personally love pumpkin desserts but I’d easily take a piece of pecan pie over pumpkin.
Cool weather always gets me in the mood for a good bowl of chili or a bowl of soup. I will be releasing a blog in just a few weeks with my Fall Favorite Soups and Desserts. Be on the look out for it!


Roast marshmallows over bonfire

I love the smell of a bonfire on a cool crisp night. Even more, I love roasting marshmallows.


Take a fall family picture

There is nothing quite like beautiful fall family picture. I’ve used my family pictures from 2018 for a few years now. I am pretty sure I am due for a new one but I just love the picture that was captured below.

1-2 copyJPG

Make a thankful list and do a random act of kindness

Being thankful Is one of the most important things you can teach your children. Have a fun evening going around and saying what each person is thankful for. Here are a few ideas of things you can be thankful for: family, house, friends, warm bed, etc. My son is always thankful for our camping spot and it always brings me joy to hear it. You will find that your kids are thankful for a lot of things we as adults take for granted.

While you are being thankful, it is a great time to think about ways you can be kind and serve others.  I will be releasing a blog in just a few weeks with a list of ideas for Random Acts of Kindness. Be on the look out for it!


Make some Fall coffee and Invite a Friend over

I love the smell of pumpkin coffee brewing. It reminds me of so many wonderful Autumn memories. It is comforting and wonderful. You can find all kinds of Fall flavors at your local grocery store. If you need any pumpkin coffee ideas, check out my latest blog on how I do pumpkin coffee sugar free.526C0CB9-0755-4B24-BABE-EAAA63972B59jpg 

As you can see – there are SO many great ideas for making memories this Fall. I personally am not going to let this pandemic ruin my favorite season of the year and I hope you don’t either.  

What are some things you love to do in the Fall that can be done during the pandemic? I’d love to hear from you.



Writer Mom