Five Ways You Can Make Money Homeschooling

Have you decided to home-school for the 2020-2021 school year? You are not alone. 30% to 40% of parents have made the decision to keep their children home largely due to the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are hundreds of great ideas online on how to make money from home. These ideas range from selling a craft to freelance job opportunities. I have personally researched many and I have hand selected a few jobs that I believe could be done easily and it is relatable to what you are already doing as a homeschooling parent. 
  1. Sell Your Lesson Plans - If you are already building your own lesson plans why not get paid for them? You can do this a few different ways. You can create your own homeschooling website and offer online courses, lesson plans, activity ideas, etc. Build your materials in Microsoft word and PowerPoint and upload it to your site for a small download fee. The upfront work will be well worth it as you sit back and start earning money without much maintenance. You can also build an e-book lesson plan through Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) and offer it for a small fee if you do not want to manage your own website.
  2. Offer In-Home Teaching Or After Care - There are a lot of parents that have no choice when it comes to sending their children back to school this year. However, you could easily add 2-3 children to your homeschooling course if you had parents that were on edge about sending their children back into a full-size classroom. You choose the price and begin to vocalize what you are offering with your friends and community.
  3. CourseHero Tutoring - Use your teacher mom skills to tutor other children as well. This is great because you can choose your hours and subject expertise. Help other children succeed.
  4. SayABC - Use this online platform that allows you to teach English online by the hour. You control your schedule and can earn $21 per hour. You can do it as little or as much as you like. 
  5. Freelance Jobs - You can easily find online jobs through fiverr, upwork, indeed, flexjobs, hostinger and so many more. Set up a profile and start working towards your first few gigs. Your services could be writing, editing, creating a resume for someone, etc. Think about what your hobbies are and what you may be good at and then search for freelance jobs that might fit your needs.   

I encourage you to join a social media homeschooling group and research some of the resources available to you this year. Below are a few that I found useful:

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I am personally unable to homeschool this year but I want to provide support to my parents who are journeying down this path in such an unsteady time. I hope this is useful to you and I wish you the best of luck in your school year. 


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