10 Reasons Why Having A Sister Is The Best

I am not quite sure how one lives without a sister. I know it can be done because so many siblings around the world don’t have a sister, including my boys. But I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I have been blessed with an amazing older sister for over 32 years now. She has seen me at my worst, seen me at my best and has seen me at my weirdest. We’ve laughed way more than we ever fought, sang more than we cried and loved more than we were angry. My life would not be the same if I did not have my sister. She balances me out, encourages me to be my best, and loves me at my worst. 

In my 32 years of experience, I could share with you thousands of reasons why having a sister is the best but for an interest of your time, I have narrowed it down to my top 10 reasons.  

She is a monster protector

Okay, yes, we had bunk beds for most of our childhood life. I always slept on the top bunk and my sister slept on the bottom bunk. I don’t know how this arrangement came to be but I have to confess; I always wanted to sleep on the top bunk because I knew if a monster came in the house, he would get my sister first and i’d be warned by her scream. Now, I know what you are thinking. I am NOT secretly malicious. I would have very well jumped in front of a bullet to save her life but when it came to trying to fall asleep at night…this is what did the trick. 

She is a monster protector… 

She shares her clothes

Okay, we don’t share clothes much anymore because she lives in Florida and I live in Colorado but at one point we shared clothes. Okay, wait….I mainly borrowed her clothes without asking. She was my older sister and she set the trend for me so if something looked good on her, I naturally thought it would look good on me too. This didn’t quite work out so well once I passed her in height but I definitely pulled that lever as much as I could growing up.  Even to this day, she occasionally let’s me borrow a dress for a special occasion because I don’t own many dresses. 

She shares her clothes… 

She has seen me at my weirdest – who am I kidding – she is the weirdest

I mainly blame this on my mom and maybe even my grandma. Weird runs in the family but I have to admit it’s a good weird. Over time we have adopted these strange words that have made it into our language we speak with each other. It’s very common to end a phone call with a long string of these random words or sayings from movies we love. I remember many years ago getting off the phone with my sister and my husband, Bradley, was just staring at me. “What was that?” He asked. I think he has slowly gotten used to it over our 13 of marriage but every now and then when I get off the phone with my sister, he says, “You’re so weird.” Yep. We are and we like it. It’s what we’ve always known and guess what its ours, its unique and its weird. So wattchachee, nuthin, shut it, whuuuut, sisteryyy, ratataten, TJJJJ, Darla, Move yourselfff, Hello Joyce, I’m hungryyy, gooobye and goooluck.   

She has seen me at my weirdest… 

She gives the BEST opinions

I’ve always looked up to my older sister (or technically down because she is shorter than me). She always seemed popular in school, she had lots of friends and does still today. She always wore clothes and shoes that I can never pull off, even when i would try and sneak them out of her closet...lol I had daily access then to my sister and would always have her pick out my clothes if we were going somewhere special. As we have left our parents house and ventured off with our own adult lives and families, this has not changed. Its not uncommon for me to send a picture in the dressing room of a store. “Does this make me look fat?” “Yes, yes it does.” Okay, she is not that harsh but you get the picture. I love that I can always ask for her opinion and will always get a straight answer. 

She gives the best opinions… 

She knows everything I’ve been through and she doesn’t judge me for it

Yep, my sister knows what i’ve been through and decisions I have made on my darkest days and she doesn’t judge me for it. From adolescence to high school to adulthood. Mistakes are apart of life, we are human and it’s how we learn and grow. In fact, it is freeing and refreshing to know that even through my worst decisions and in my hardest days, my sister loved me and encouraged me along the way. I have no doubt that if I need to talk, she’d be on the other end listening. 

She knows everything I’ve been through and doesn’t judge me for it… 

She is the first to give me compliments

My sister is really good about complimenting my achievements. Whether it comes to a great blog i’ve written, a new children’s book I’ve released, a good hair cut or how skinny I look after i’ve gone through a few months of keto. She notices and says something. She is never too busy or too self-absorbed to let it go without acknowledgement. This is something that is becoming more and more rare. We’ve become lazy in our relationships and don’t always compliment the other person. We see a post and hit “like” instead of commenting or we see someones achievement and feel jealous and choose not to acknowledge it at all. This is sad and shows the true colors of someone’s hearts. Not everyone can be like your sister, I get it, but everyone should lift each other up and encourage one another where possible.  

She is the first to give me compliments… 

She laughs at the same movie lines as me

This is literally the best. My sister and I have a lot of movies we love and quote frequently. This is one of my favorite things we do. We have so many favorite movie sayings, I could make an entire blog on this alone. When words fail you, drop a line from a movie. 

“Be yourself, be yourself, be yourself” - Just Friends

“WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!” - Ross from Friends

“Moove yourself...” The Break Up

“Why does everyone have to go away?” Little Women

“Awe peanut.” - Just Friends

“The pain, not here, not now.” Spiderman cartoon from our childhood

“Uhh Apple....” Dennis the Menace

“Hello Joyce? Hello Joyce?” Just Friends

“Smiling’s my favorite” The Elf 

"I'm feeling skinny Tony." Heavyweights

She laughs at the same movie lines as me… 

She’s a constant source of love and joy

THIS.....I am not quite sure how my sister does it. She always seems to be smiling and is always exerting an energy of love and joy. If you know my sister, you know what I am talking about. It’s infectious and is something I strive for everyday. It doesn’t matter what situation life has thrown her way or what anyone may say about it, she has joy and she will put her problems aside to help pull you up out of yours. I love her for this and I know this is such a gift God has given her.  

She is a constant source of love and joy… 

She has my back

We had to have each others backs growing up. Our younger brother, Matt, liked to plan secret attacks with his rubber band guns. He liked to sneak a little clown doll into the center of my floor and shut the lights off because he knew I hated clowns. There were multiple times when I would find fake snakes, lizards, etc. hidden under my blankets at night. He was ornery and we had to be ready for attacks. Many times I’d hear her screaming for help from the living room and my brother would have her pinned down. Not in a harmful way I might add. As soon as he would see me, he would run away. As we both grew into adulthood that phase eventually ended and my brother was no longer intimidated by me. Even when we are all together at Christmas, he tries to pull out that macho brother attack on my sister which always results in me jumping in to help take him down. 

She has my back… 

She knows what stage of life I am in and fully embraces it

This is a tough one for many. Mom’s 20 years ago didn’t have cell phones and didn’t have to be accessible to friends and family at any given moment. Mom’s today do have cell phones and have this expectation from others that we should be able to easily take a phone call. As a mom of two little ones, phone calls are not always easy and most of the time they are stressful. I know I have some old school folks reading but texting is easiest for me in this stage of life. I hate feeling guilty from some because I choose to text but not by my sister. Do you wanna know why? She is in the exact same stage of life. And guess what? We still talk daily, send pictures about our life and still feel just as connected if not more by utilizing this amazing thing called texting. 

She knows what stage of life I am in and fully embraces it... 



Our adulthood has unfortunately pulled us in different directions in the country. My sister loves living in Florida and my family loves living in Colorado. Two very different states with one important connection, Sisters. As you can imagine we don’t get to see each other often these days. Always at Christmas and maybe one other time throughout the year. It doesn’t really matter how long we have been apart, we always pick up right where we left off laughing, joking and being sisters. 

If you have been fortunate to have a sister like I have, I hope you are encouraged to reach out and let your sister know how much she means to you. Not everyone get’s to experience having a monster protector and to me that’s just a shame... 


Writer Mom